About Us

ACR Assessment & Training Innovations, LLC is affiliated with ACR Homes, Inc. – a residential provider with 25 years of experience caring for people with a wide range of medical needs and disabilities. ACR is known for its high employment standards and outstanding care.

How do you Hire The Best?

ACR Assessment & Training Innovations has designed pre-employment selection tools specifically for the healthcare industry. Our employee selection tools can help to you determine which of your applicants will be a best fit for the job. We offer pre-employment assessments and job performance evaluations.

Effective staff training is key to high quality care. ACR Assessment & Training Innovations has developed an extensive staff training program for direct support personal.

We believe Your Staff Define You

From selecting and hiring new employees, to training current staff, to evaluating your current staff, you will appreciate the difference ACR Assessment & Training Innovations can make for your organization.